East Windsor Appliance Repair

Need an appliance fixed fast in East Windsor? Give the pros at Wilbraham Appliance Service a call. Locally owned and in operation for over 30 years, they will be able to diagnosis your broken appliance and have it up and running fast.

We offer the following Appliance Repair Services for East Windsor

  • Clothes Dryers  – Gas & Electric
  • Washers – Front & Top Loading
  • Stoves, Ranges & Ovens  – Gas & Electric
  • Refrigerators & Freezers
  • Dishwashers

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We are here to assist you with your appliance repair needs, whether you need an immediate repair, or just a part for your appliance, we can help!

About East Windsor

East Windsor is located in Harford County, Connecticut. The town is divided into five smaller towns: Broad Brook, Melrose, Scantic, Warehouse Point and Windsorville. Each section of the five smaller towns, have their own characteristics.

The oldest section is Warehouse Point, which was founded in the 1630s, and was established for the shipment of goods between settlers. The Scrantic section used to act as the center of the city, until the mills were built. Broad Brook is the home of NASCAR racer Jerry Marquis, and a mini strip mall that was put in place after the Broad Brook Mill caught fire.

East Windsor has on average of 190 sunny days, with a January low temperature of 17°F, and a July high temperature of 85° F. Based on the humidity during the hot months, East Windsor has a comfort index of 52/100, 8 points higher than the national average.

Appliance Repair Tip

Refrigerator Not Cooling? Check your freezer. Is your freezer still cold? If so, make sure the vents on the back of your freezer are not blocked. Cold air is made in your freezer and circulated into your refrigerators via this vent. If the vent is blocked by packages of frozen foods, then it might by why your refrigerator is warmer than normal.

Empty Refrigerator Freezer